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Located in Valkenburg, one of the most striking places in the Netherlands; Valkenburg aan de Geul, a marl city with many faces. Charming, Burgundian and above all versatile. That is enjoying a 'Valkenburg white' on one of the many terraces. That means dwell on the view over the South Limburg Heuvelland. And that is laughing and fooling around with the children in the Valkenier, the Rodelbaan or the Fairytale Forest. Discover what Valkenburg has to offer you.


Thermae 2000

Thermae 2000 is located at the top of the Cauberg in South Limburg. A unique location where you can relax in the midst of a peaceful landscape. Optimal enjoyment of what Mother Earth has carefully preserved; warm mineral-rich thermal water. A blessing for body and mind.


Holland Casino

Holland Casino Valkenburg is located on the Cauberg. You have a beautiful view over Valkenburg, the spa park and the Geuldal.
The group packages put together by the Casino offer attractive options for groups of 8 or more people. At Holland Casino in Valkenburg you can also put together your own 'customized package'.

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